The Lady Behind the Lox

CypherLOX is a project started by Chrissy Morreale aka Cyph3r in 2004 during her freshman year of college at Kent State University. After a bad experience with a popular online hair shop in 2003, she was determined to study and practice ways to make quality hair pieces, and still make them in her own unique style. CypherLOX has since then expanded into a company with several employees that continues to grow.

"I appreciate the endless possibilities with creating hair pieces, I consider it a form of self-art and exploration that develop constantly over time."
- Cyph3r

Selling History
CypherLOX has been selling on eBay since November 2003 through seller name JadeAbsinthe, and as of March of 2005 we began selling through the name CypherLOX. Please feel free to check out our eBay feedback as well as our eBay auctions.

Website Credits
Website Design, Programming Photo Editing, Art Direction- Chrissy Morreale of Decimation Design