Double-Ended Dread Extensions
Want Double Ended Dread Extensions installed for you by the CypherLOX team?
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Left: 22ct chinlength Double Ended Dread extensions, black base, blue, all solids with 2 transitionals in the front.
Right: 15ct booblength DE dread extensions, eggplant base, purple, neon green, solids with swirls.

What are Double Ended Dreads?
Double Ended Dreads are dreads that can be braided into your natural hair as extensions to achieve the look of real dreads. They are extremely durable and can be reused many times if taken care of correctly. Unlike Dread Falls, Double Ended Dreads can be kept in your hair for 2-3 months before removal or having to re-tighten them. Double Ended Dreads are made from hand-backbrushed synthetic hair, steam sealed, and tip sealed to help prevent fraying ends from constant wear. To see pictures of Double Ended Dreads click here.

Can I wear Double Ended Dreads?
Double Ended Dreads are super long dreads that are folded in half (making 2 dreads). One half of the dread is braided into your real hair. The other half of the dread lies on top of the braided dread concealing it for a natural look. It is recommended that your hair be at least 3 inches long and that you get your Double Ended Dreads length of your real hair or longer.

Recommended Amount of Double-Enders
Wondering how many you need? What do most people get?

Full Head of Hair 40-50 double-enders is recommended
Undercut 10-20 double-enders is recommended

Pricing is determined by the length you want your double-enders. Please choose one of the lengths listed below and next to that length will be a table of pricing. You may order any number of Double Ended Dreads you like. If you want a custom length not listed below, please note what length you want your extensions when you order.

*Remember that braiding in 1 Double Ended Dread will equal 2 dreads after braiding. 60 double enders for example, will be 120 dreads total that you will have in your hair.

Chin-Length (13-14 inches) $5.30 per double-ender
Shoulder-Length (18 inches) $5.50 per double-ender
Boob/Chest-Length (24 inches) $5.66 per double-ender
Torso-Length (30 inches) $6.00 per double-ender


Color choices are unlimited! You can pick a base color for your dreads and add accent colors, or have your colors split evenly. If you pick a color to be the base your Double Ended Dreads will be 50-60% that color. You may choose any colors and any amount of colors you want. We can match your natural hair color if needed, please contact us for info.

Special Colors: Current special colors are purple, turquoise, and deep cherry. Special colors are sometimes a silky straight, higher quality of hair and cost a bit more. If you are interested in using a special color for an accent to your falls please contact us for pricing.

Click Here to see a full color chart.

Dread Styles

For more examples please visit the gallery. Our handmade dreads vary from 1/2" to 1" thick at the tops and taper thin. If you want micro dreads or dreads thinner than normal, please specify that in your order.

Dread Styles
Discription of style
Add the following to your total
Solid Dreads
Solid style dreads are solid in color.
no extra charge
Swirled Dreads
Swirled style dreads when are when the hair colors you choose (normally your base and accent color) will be swirled together to create a candy cane effect.
$1.00 extra per dread
Mixed Dreads
Mix colored dreads are dreads that take 2 colors of hair and are blended together to make a new color. For example, red mixed with burgundy = a cherry colored red
$0.25 extra per dread
Transitional Dreads
Transitional colored dreads are dreads that start off one color near the top and gradually transition to another color.
$2.00 extra per dread

Other Accents

You can also add other accents in with your double enders like beads. If you add a meterial like beads or material from the color charts page please contact me for pricing.

Click here for pictures of accent meterials and color charts.

Please make sure you pick a length, number of Double Ended Dreads, colors, dread style, and any accents you may want before you order. When you are ready to order:

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