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Tubular Crin / Cyberlox

All bags contain 30ft (10 yrds) unopened and sealed. Crin is Great for making CyberLOX Hair Pieces, or use crin as an accent to any hairpiece. You can even install them as hair exensions, or use them to decorate clothing! We also offer 15ft (5yrd) bags that can be ordered upon request in 3/4" size only. Please contact us if you are interested in 15ft (5yrd) bags.

To see a full Cyberlox/Crin color chart click here.

When you order more than 5 bags of crin you can recieve your discount here. Simply add all the crin you want to your cart, then select the number of bags you are purchasing below, and click "Add to Cart" to recieve your discount.

Discount Levels:
Order 5 or more bags - get $2 off each bag
Order 10 or more bags - get $3 off each bag
Order 20 or more bags - get $4 off each bag

Select the number of crin bags you are purchasing to get your discount:

30ft bags of Mini 1/4 inch crin..........$13.99

30ft bags of Regular 3/4 inch crin..........$13.99

Special Colors! 30ft bags of 5/8" inch crin..........$13.99

Made by a different manufacturer, bringing you different colors in a slightly smaller size than the cyberlox material above!