CypherLOX Policies

Shipping costs and payment options are explained on the Payment and Shipping page. Discounts, Shipping Costs, Insurance Rates, and Sales Tax will be automatically calculated for you in the LOX SHOP shopping cart. If we notice that the shopping cart has miscalculated a total, we do hold the right to request or refund a miscalculated amount.

By accepting to terms during checkout means that you have read, and understand all options available to you that are explained on this page and the Payment and Shipping page. By agreeing to the terms you accept all CypherLOX policies explained here and on the policies page.

There are no returns under any circumstances, so please order carefully. If you want to exchange a LOX SHOP item for another color or size of equal or greater value you may do so. You are liable for all shipping costs involved with your exchange and we do charge a 10% restocking fee. Exchanges are not accepted on custom items (this includes ALL hairpieces, extensions, outfit kits, custom goggles and lenses, fluffy legwarmers and kits and clearance). Please email us if you want to exchange an item.

CypherLOX Signature Dread Style:
CypherLOX is known for its unique style of making dreads. The dreads are 1/2in to 1in thick at the tops and taper thin. This style is what allows them to be extremely DURABLE. CypherLOX does NOT sell anything but the style it has created, and the style is much different than the "natural dread" look. Dreads can be made thinner upon request but NOT thicker. If you have looked at the gallery and do not like the CypherLOX dread style.... DO NOT ORDER!

All pricing on CypherLOX items are subject to change without notification.

Processing Times:
We can't say it enough! Please check processing times posted on the Home Page BEFORE you order, if they seem unacceptable to you then we do NOT recommend placing an order. Please keep in mind that BUSINESS DAYS ARE MONDAY-FRIDAY ONLY. ALL PAYMENTS ARE DUE WITHIN 2 WEEKS OF YOUR ORDER - IF YOU DO NOT HAVE PAYMENT TO US WITHIN 2 WEEKS PROCESSIG TIMES ON THE MAIN PAGE WILL NO LONGER APPLY TO YOUR ORDER AND PROCESSING MAY TAKE LONGER.

Rush Processing:
Contact us if you need your order rushed. Please note that rush orders are subject to a 50% up-charge.

Completed Order:
When your order has been completed and shipped out you will receive an e-mail or automated notification. This means If you have a change of address after you have ordered, or need us to hold your item from being shipped during certain dates, please notify us as soon as possible. Once items are shipped out they are out of my control. For Custom Hairpice orders, progress can easily be monitored on the Status Page. Acceptable Payment Types:
U.S.- Paypal, MO, Personal Checks, Cash. INTERNATIONAL- Paypal, International MO, all payments must be in USD ONLY. Make all Money Orders and Personal Checks payable to: Chrissy Morreale

Lost Payment:
We are not responsible for payment lost or delayed in the mail. If you are worried about this please mail your payment using some sort of delivery or signature confirmation.

Have you received my payment?
Custom Hairpiece Orders- please check the Status Page.

Lox Shop orders- your order will be shipped within processing times and you will recive a delivery notification, no status is available. You will get an email if something is not in stock or on backorder.

Packaging of your items:
All shipping costs include handling. This means in addition to actual shipping costs, packaging and material use is added into the flat shipping rate you are charged. This includes packaging materials, gas to get your package to the post office, printed hair piece instructions and more.

Shipping Insurance:
If you would like to purchase insurance- please let us know when you place your Custom Hairpiece order, or add it to your cart during checkout for Lox Shop orders. If you decide not to purchase insurance, we are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged etc. packages once your order has been shipped out. Please see the Payment and Shipping Page for further detail.

Customs Fees - International Customers Only:
We are not responsible for any customs fees or taxes you may incur when receiving a package from us. Every country is different regarding how they handle incoming packages from other countries and there is no way for us to predict or prevent additional fees, taxes, or delays due to customs in your country. Customs in your country also has the right to open and check package contents at random - and there is no for us way to prevent it. It is rare to have a problem with customs, but if you have a certain way you want your package marked for customs please note it in your order.

Custom Hairpiece orders- there are absolutely no returns under any circumstances due to federal health regulations.

Lox Shop orders- there are no returns, but if you want to make an exchange contact us, your item(s) must be sealed and un-used. You will be responsible for all shipping costs involved with the exchange.

Once payment has been received you cannot cancel your order, so please order carefully.

Order Revisions:
Custom Hairpiece orders- You can revise your order after payment has been received. If your order is already in progress on the status page and you decide to revise it will be treated as a new order. This means you will loose your place in line and your order will be pushed behind all orders that are paid for. Also if your order is already in progress and you decide to make alterations, you will pay a fee for any wasted materials.

Lox Shop orders - please email us if you want to change an order.

Privacy Policy:
Any information shared with CypherLOX by a customer is kept strictly confidential. Your personal information includes the following: names, shipping & billing addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, paypal accounts, previous order records, and e-mail correspondence. We ask in return that all e-mail correspondence to and from our e-mail accounts is to be kept strictly confidential as well. This means no sharing or posting of e-mails. It is considered infringement since all e-mail are copyright their author. If infringement of this kind is seen taking place anywhere, by us or by notification, legal action will take place.

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