Extension, Natural Dreadlock, and other Hair Installation Services: does provide services for those in the area who are interested in having natural dreads, silky wrap dreads, crin/cyberlox installation, foam/plastic/tubing installation, double ender installation, looped dread installation, micro-ring straight hair extension installation,braided extention installation, and similar work done to their hair.

If you are near any of these places in OHIO: Kent, Canton, Cleveland, Elyria, Sandusky, Norwalk, OR if you are willing to travel to northern Ohio for an appointment-

Please contact me if you are interested so we may discuss pricing and set up an appointment during a time that works best for you. is available to vend and provide for events:

I will be available to vend at shows, festivals, clubs, and provide hair for models and fashion shows at the beginning of Fall 2005. I am willing to travel, so if you are interested in working with at any of these events please contact me.